Trouble during KsirK checkout

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Fri May 9 16:14:38 CEST 2008

Laurent Vromman schrieb:
> Hi,
> KsirK has two files with the same name, but with different cases.
> When I try to emerge kdegames, it fails because those two files are the 
> same for windows case insensitive filesystem.
> A    kdegames\ksirk\KsirK.spec
> A    kdegames\ksirk\ksirk.spec
> svn: Impossible de copier 
> 'kdegames\ksirk\.svn\tmp\text-base\ksirk.spec.svn-base' vers 
> 'kdegames\ksirk\.svn\tmp\ksirk.spec.tmp.tmp': No error
> emerge fatal error: while checking out. cmd: svn update  kdegames
> Are the two spec files used by KsirK ? What should I do to emerge 
> kdegames, including ksirk if it is possible ?
> Thank you for your help
fixed now in svn. remove ksirk directory, do a 'svn cleanup' in kdegames 
and rerun emerge.


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