kontact ?

Eduard Sukharev kraplax at mail.ru
Mon Jul 28 02:20:03 CEST 2008

Kontact is already ported and if you check available packages you'll find it 
under kdepim. But mind it - "THESE ARE EARLY DAYS OF"... er.. of Kontact on 
Windows. Just be ready to meet rather unstable, unsafe but so much convenient 
to use pice of nice software. I'd strongly adviced you not to use KMail to 
deal with your IMPORTANT data, your business mail accounts and such.. KMail 
still tends to crash and it also tends to be rather weird - some time ago it 
'forgot' that it has all the mails and showed me only 3 last ones. Just be 
ready to such surprises and do not complain - you were warned.
And yes, don't mix up 'complainng' with 'bugreports' - they are mostly 
appreciated if can reproduce them and provide as more info as you can.

But all in all - Kontact is such damn nice thing already. It's worth to try it 
out.Don't be scared, but be prepared. ;-)

В сообщении от Monday 28 July 2008 05:30:58 Stéphane Guedon написал(а):
> Hello
> I am a KDE user, and fan !
> I would like to know if Kontact will be ported to Windows with the rest of
> kde4 ?
> thanks, bye !
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