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Eduard Sukharev kraplax at
Tue Aug 26 17:34:41 CEST 2008

> Thanks for the kind response, Patrick. This bugzilla thing is above of what
> I can do. I am not a trained IT-guy, just, as I wrote, a curious end
> consumer. If what I can report of own observations is not helpful for
> people like you than all I can do is wait! ;-)
> Regards,
> Michael Bischof

I think anyone could be helpful - really. Don't be shy and join us on 
#kde-windows channel on IRC server - if you speak english 
then we'll have a chat to find out about bugs found by you. Its really 
important to have a good bugreport, be sure of what actions lead to bug, etc.
Please, join and help make KDE on Windows more stable.

Using bugzilla isn't really hard, nor complex. Just make an account for 
yourself, then (if not sure how to report bugs) open an application that 
you've decided to report on, find 'Help' -> 'Report a bug' and th rest should 
be really simple. No 'trained IT-guy' knowldges needed - everything is made 
for user! :)

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