cmake for all third party libraries?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Wed Oct 24 16:19:24 CEST 2007

> Von: Saro Engels
> hi all,
> basically the above is my question;
> should I really introduce a cmake file for all third party libraries 
> that are available? how far this cmake file should go? I am currently 
> sitting on bjam+boost(.headers)+boost.python - bjam is a big build 
> system for boost - and they definitely say that one has to use that.
> Shall we introduce a wrapper cmake file? That way it would be easier to 
> rebuild packages from the source: just start cmake, make install and you 
> have it.
> There would be lots of libs that need to get the cmake files and more 
> important: we should distribute the source of most software in a 
> compilable state.
Looks like you misunderstood me :)

I don't want to have cmake for every 3rdparty lib. I just want to have a proper and unique (for msvc and mingw) buildsystem for every lib to be able to compile this lib with both compilers if needed
For C libs it's an easy task as we can create combined packages. But for C++ ones you can't do that and therefore using msys for such a lib is not usefull.
I did not saw the cfitsio is c-only (but openbabel is not, is it?). But you forgot to create the import libs - I'll do that for you for this lib.


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