Dependency Tracking with installer / emerge

Saro Engels ps_ml at
Sun Oct 14 16:28:32 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I added some support for the installer's "database" system to the emerge 
scripts today - packages that are installed with the emerge scripts can 
be uninstalled now with the installer.
Since I want to drop the simple installed package list in the emerge 
scripts and since I want to implement an uninstall feature to the emerge 
scripts I am currently thinking of how we can handle dependencies and 
uninstalling with both apps.
My idea is:
( Use either another file under kderoot/manifest or use the already 
existing .ver file - last one is preferred by me )
If package A is installed that depends on package B it will add its name 
to the .ver list;
If package A gets uninstalled the entries in all .ver files that package 
A depends on, are removed.
If one tries to uninstall package B which is needed by some package A, 
one can either not uninstall package B, or try to uninstall all packages 
that need package B.

Since there should be room for different behaviour in the last case, and 
since we have at least some dependencies, we should think of a solution 
that provides those possibilities.

Greetings so far,

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