KShell & KMacroExpander - are we screwed?

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Sun Oct 14 16:19:19 CEST 2007

> Dunno what the problem really is (don't have time atm to read fully),
> but imposing a posix shell to win32 people is a no-go, IMHO. Especially
> not for end-users.
I know _noone_ computer illiterate who even KNEW the win command prompt before I opened it. Besides it's mostly
completely useless anyways. Anyone seriously using it (admins f.e. messing around with services) should be able to make
the transition to a proper, working POSIX shell. There might be folks though that wanna stick to Vistas monad stuff..

> Apart from that we'd have to install that as part of
> KDE because a posix shell is not something joe average has installed.
well libpng and and others are deps aswell... so one more

for having a BASH on windows there's either the CYGWIN way (http://folk.uio.no/andreass/unix_tools.html contains utility
binaries ready to be dumped into path) or the totally GNU way @ http://winbash.tigris.org/...
> This project's purpose is to create a native win32 version of GNU bash without requiring the cygwin DLLs.
> There is a (mostly) functional 1.14.7 version available. It currently doesn't work well with
> subprocesses, redirection and signals, but most of the normal shell features are available.
well that needs further testing I guess..
btw short question: what's the status of Holgers emerge script? I would like to start on kde/wine debugging and this
stuff really needs to kinda build itself for me to consider investing time in it..
regards marcel

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