qtwin3.3.8 kde3.5 msvc2005 question

Jarosław Staniek js at iidea.pl
Wed May 9 23:55:38 CEST 2007

Pike Man said the following, On 2007-05-09 23:41:
> Hi, I am attempting to compile svn kde3.5 with svn qtwin 3.3.8 using 
> msvc2005 and it's moving along passed kdecore already.
> I am getting tons of error like the following, (due to the new compiler 
> I think) which can be bypassed by putting a (int) inside all occurances 
> which
> does this:
> basically change: QString a, uint b,  a[b]
> to : QString a, uint b, a[(int)b]
> but there are many many of these and I am not patient.
> I am think about hacking QT3 and making QString[] to  take an uint 
> instead of int,  is  this a right way to fix this problem?
> I guess some of you guys must have seen this issue before...
> Thanks for any pointer on how to fix it the right way...

Hello Pike Man,
Take a look at [1] -- in particular "For msvc compilers only: Patch Qt source 
code" part contains my patch I prepared for cases like this.

A side note is that most of the brave folks on this list use and work on 
KDE4/Qt4 version of the libs. KDE3/win32 is more like a domain of commercial 
applications on Windows due to Qt3 license. That said, I think kdelibs 3.5 
should compile for you -- using the docs[1]. BTW: I only use msvc2003.

[1] http://kdelibs.com/wiki/index.php/KDElibs3_Installation

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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