kdelibs build error (missed bzCompress)

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Wed May 9 16:33:41 CEST 2007

Von: "Данила Левин" <dendy_ua at bk.ru>
> Hi, KDE team.
> I am building kdelibs on Windows machine. And following error occured:
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(78)
> : err
> or C3861: 'bzDecompressInit': identifier not found
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(82)
> : err
> or C3861: 'bzCompressInit': identifier not found
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(98)
> : err
> or C3861: 'bzDecompressEnd': identifier not found
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(102)
> : er
> ror C3861: 'bzCompressEnd': identifier not found
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(142)
> : er
> ror C3861: 'bzDecompress': identifier not found
> D:\projects\kde\trunk\KDE\kdelibs\kdecore\compression\kbzip2filter.cpp(162)
> : er
> ror C3861: 'bzCompress': identifier not found
> But Makefiles was generated without errors with CMake. Is this problem in
> CMake build system or source code.
> What solution in this situation?
You have another bzip.h somewhere around (or fetched an old version, please use current version from kdewin-installer). FindBZip2.cmake checks for BZ2_ prefix. To rerun the test, remove all BZIP2 - variables from CMakeCache.txt and execute cmake.
The check for BZ2_-prefix must not fail on windows! If it fails your bzip2 headers/libs are wrong :)

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