Qt and SSL

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue May 8 14:14:10 CEST 2007

On 08.05.07 12:01:20, Paulo Moura Guedes wrote:
> On Monday 07 May 2007 12:06, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Yes and you need to use qt-copy because kdelibs doesn't work anymore
> > with the beta.
> Triead also with a recent snapshot but the compiler hangs (with CPU at 100%) 
> when trying to build generators/mac/p
> builder_pbx.cpp:, also in the configure process:
> g++ -c -opbuilder_pbx.o -O -I. -Igenerators -Igenerators/unix -Igenerators/win32
>  -Igenerators/mac -IC:

Are you sure it hangs? On the desktop of my girlfriend it takes
something between 10 and 30 minutes to compile that file, so it might
look like hanging but it really isn't. (PC is something around 2GHz with
512 MB RAM)


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