Buildproblems with qt-copy

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun May 6 00:11:29 CEST 2007


today I tried to build qt-copy, but unfortunately thats impossible with
win32libs installed already. The reason is that qt-copy need -I and -L
switches to find openssl from win32libs. However if I give the win32libs
dirs using that switches the jpeg plugin fails to compile (even if I use
-qt-libjpeg) because for some reason it uses headers from the win32libs
include dir.

If I leave out the -I/-L switches qssl-compilation fails of course,
after a configure re-run with -I/-L compilation of the jpeg plugin

Any ideas how to get out of this circle?

Also I noted that the -prefix option (not mentioned in -help output,
but can be found in the configure source code) completely breaks
compilation because then qmake expects its mkspecs in the given prefix
even if run from the source dir (which it is for creating the Makefiles
for qt-copy). Somehow I have the feeling that qt-copy isn't setup
properly now that it has linux+mac+win32.


Good news.  Ten weeks from Friday will be a pretty good day.

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