Getting started

Andrew Berg bahamut at
Mon Jun 11 23:58:28 CEST 2007

I've always loved KDE, and when I learned that it could now be on
Windows, I decided to get it, stable or not.
I need some help making sure I have everything and also help compiling
(I've compiled things on Linux before, but with configure scripts or
very specific instructions; I'm no developer)
What I have so far:
Qt 4.3.0 open-source for Windows
 - gcc
 - g++
 - w32api (Qt complained, but the w32api.h I have is 3.6, and Qt wanted
3.2, so I ignored it)
 - binutils
GnuWin32 (I downloaded and installed all the packages)
winDBus 10112006 (not compiled and installed*)
ActivePerl 5.8.8
CMake 2.4.6
win32libs (even the latest mentioned in a recent email to this list)
kdelibs source via SVN (I had to stop it while it was downloading; I ran
the update command, and it downloaded some things, and then said it
can't continue because a file already exists, so I don't know if I have
it all). I'm running svn up kdelibs as I type, but it's taking a wile
because svn stops when it tries to add a file that already exists (it
should overwrite it, not stop completely). If there's a switch I don't
know about, please tell me.
I will get KDEWin32 and the few libs from kdesupport mentioned in the
tutorial after I find out what mingw32-make means.
I also need help with setting the variables for CMake (the tutorial
didn't mention anything about setting variables for it, except
I have set the variables for the other things.
As soon as I can get through svn up kdelibs without it complaining about
an existing file, I'll send a filelist (please check it to see if I have

*There's a reference to mingw32-make in the "Building KDElibs 4 using
GCC and MinGW with Qt 4.2" tutorial on, but I don't know
what that is. I have mingw32-(c++.exe | g++.exe | gcc-3.4.5 | gcc), but
no mingw32-make.
Also, I'm on dialup, so if you have any attachments, please compress
them. ;) (7-zip, gzip, bzip2 preferred)

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