FAQ a bit unclear (Windows Vista HP, KDE 4.0)

Saro Engels ps_ml at gmx.de
Tue Aug 28 18:17:10 CEST 2007

Dapuzz schrieb:
> Don't rank me a rude but the tutorial (expecially on kdelibs.com) is not a  
> step-by-step guide to follow without understand what the tutorial itself  
> is telling you to do.
> Just use your immagination, and consider that installer is 'the easy way'  
> ...

the tutorial on kdelibs.com is severely outdated now, and hasn't been 
changed since weeks.
The tutorial you should use is the one at techbase:
Since no developer over here has access to windows vista, it might not 
be the main target as well and as I said, I will rework it soon.
So if you have some questions, either contact me via mail or join the 
irc channel.
So please help and add a note to the discussion page in this wiki.

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