Somebody with msvc please test (kdevplatform patch)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Aug 24 17:02:10 CEST 2007


seemingly msvc is somehow broken wrt. QHash::insert() and wants a
const pointer for the value argument (see
) which needs a totally ugly reinterpret_cast.

I'd like to ask that somebody with msvc (is express edition really
needed for that?) to test the attached patch so we can get rid of the
ugliness and the compiler-check-macro (which is for whatever reason a


PS: Does kdevplatform really need to support msvc :P

You are not dead yet.  But watch for further reports.
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Index: languagecontroller.cpp
--- languagecontroller.cpp	(Revision 704293)
+++ languagecontroller.cpp	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -119,16 +119,8 @@
             if (ILanguage *lang = language(languageSupport->name())) {
                 languages << lang;
             } else {
-#ifdef Q_CC_MSVC
-                // vcexpress++ 2005 complains with a "multiple defined variable lang" and 
-                // a "cannot convert KDevelop::Language* to KDevelop::Language* const&" error
-                // may be there is a better way to solve this 
-                ILanguage *_lang = new Language(languageSupport, this);
-                d->languages.insert(languageSupport->name(),  reinterpret_cast<KDevelop::Language *const>(_lang));
-                Language *_lang = new Language(languageSupport, this);
-                d->languages.insert(languageSupport->name(), _lang);
+                Language* _lang = new Language(languageSupport, this);
+                d->languages[languageSupport->name()] = _lang;
                 languages << _lang;

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