KPixampCache crash

Rivo Laks rivolaks at
Thu Aug 23 15:28:05 CEST 2007

Ühel kenal päeval (neljapäev 23 august 2007) kirjutas Christian Ehrlicher:
> > Von: "Jarosław Staniek"
> > In the patch below I have:
> > 1. Used USE_MMAP everywhere instead of HAVE_MMAP (OK?)
> > 2. Disabled using mmap for Windows (temporarily I suppose)
> > 3. I've added some fixes so even if mmap is enabled on Windows, the cache
> > now
> > will not crash.
> That's fine - altough it's currently only crashed on windows, it can not
> work on other platforms too as QFile::handle() can be everything but the
> correct handle needed for mmap(). It's just luck that it works on other
> platforms.

I don't understand - Qt docs say that QFile::handle() can be used with C 
library functions. Is Windows mmap() different somehow?
Also, I checked and ksycoca (kdelibs/kdecore/sycoca/ksycoca.cpp) uses mmap in 
almost exactly the same way as I am (only difference is that sycoca uses 
read-only mode, I use read-write). Does sycoca work fine on windows?


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