kioslave win32 port start

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Fri Dec 1 20:41:53 CET 2006

Jarosław Staniek schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker said the following, On 2006-12-01 19:02:
>> or better KNetwork:KSocketBase  because it is the root of all network 
>> socket related classes  ? 
> This looks like a good candidate. 
This one and in one in kresolverstandardworkers seems to be required.

> Optionally it can be kde_bootstrap() from 
> kdewin32/src/bootstrap.cpp, what's called within kdemain macro.
I think setting this in a core library is better than be depending on 
the usage of a macro in *every* application.
An other solution would be a call to QHostInfo:localHostName(), which 
runs WSAStartup() too, but QTNetwork isn't linked to kdecore at now and 
this would add an additional unneccessary dependency.


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