[Kde-windows] Providing precompiled additional libs for Msvc

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Wed Nov 30 19:21:10 CET 2005


to compile kdelibs you need a lot of additional libs. For MinGW it seems
to be no problem to get them from gnuwin32.sf.net. But those libs can't
be used for msvc afaik because of function decoration problems (at least
when the libs export c++- functions). So I decided to compile all of
them with msvc2005 express. But now I've a problem how to compile those
libs - some are static and some are shared. I think either all should be
static or shared but not mixed.
Also I prefer shared libs because compiling static could lead to
problems with msvc linker (search google/msdn for LNK4098) when using
libcmt and msvcrt together. And shared libs are easier to replace when
they are buggy.


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