[Kde-winbuild] Build error in testing/kmymoney on msvc2008 in revision 1106969

kdewinbuild at googlemail.com kdewinbuild at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 25 00:32:17 CET 2010

The full log can be found here: http://winkde.org/pub/kde/ports/win32/releases/nightly/20100324/logs/log-msvc2008-testing_kmymoney.txt

[ 20] Generating ui_currencydecl.h

[ 21] Generating ui_userinfodecl.h

Scanning dependencies of target wizardpages

'kActiveLabel1' isn't a valid widget

[ 21] Building CXX object kmymoney/wizards/wizardpages/CMakeFiles/wizardpages.dir/wizardpages_automoc.obj


[ 21] Building CXX object kmymoney/wizards/wizardpages/CMakeFiles/wizardpages.dir/accounts.obj


[ 22] Building CXX object kmymoney/wizards/wizardpages/CMakeFiles/wizardpages.dir/currency.obj


[ 22] Building CXX object kmymoney/wizards/wizardpages/CMakeFiles/wizardpages.dir/userinfo.obj


C:\kde\download\svn\trunk\playground\office\kmymoney\kmymoney\widgets\kaccounttemplateselector.h(32) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ui_kaccounttemplateselectordecl.h': No such file or directory

command failed with exit code 2
command failed with exit code 2
jom 0.8.5 - empower your cores

command failed with exit code 2
emerge fatal error: while running make cmd: c:\kde\kde-vc90\bin\jom.exe
emerge fatal error: running python c:\kde\kde-vc90\emerge\portage\testing\kmymoney\kmymoney-20091106.py compile 

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