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Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Wed Feb 4 09:10:04 CET 2009

Am Dienstag 03 Februar 2009 23:52:34 schrieb zahl+kde at transbay.net:
> At any rate, I ran it by M. Pyne, who pointed out that if it
> used KPushButton instead of QPushButton, then it wouldn't break
> strings, and could be backported to branch.
I did not use a KPushButton, because all other buttons in this window are 

The kde i18n toolchain aka scripty is quite smart, but does not have the magic 
power to skip the new string by changing QPushButton to KPushButton.

This will introduce a new string and break the string freeze, thus making it 
impossible to backport to stable without translators approval.

Even if ktimer with this untranslated message in its message catalog is fully 
translated at runtime ;-)
That's the _real_ magic power of scripty!

Commited to trunk r920968

Burkhard Lück

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