What about Kfloppy and SuperKaramba

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Wed Dec 16 18:56:37 CET 2009


Vendredi, le 11 decembre 2009, à 21:03, Rolf Eike Beer a écrit:
> I just read that KPilot was dropped from kdepim. That reminded me of some
> corpses in kdeutils ...


> I must confess I never used any of the two. I you don't count my krazy
>  fixes from two weeks ago both applications have not seen any developer
>  activity for month, just some general cleanups that were applied on many
>  projects in the whole repository at once. Is it time to move them to
>  tags/unmaintained?

I don't think so.

> I doubt anyone has a strong need for Kfloppy these days as USB sticks are
> cheaper, more robust and e.g. no computer I bought in the last 2 years even
> had a floppy drive. Those we ordered at work 3 years ago were probably
>  never used.

If you check your local/online computer store you might still floppy devices 
and disks offered, so it seems some people are still using these and even 
buying new stuff (may be due to certificated systems or other reasons). So 
KFloppy (if it works) can be useful to some.
> For SuperKaramba I'm less sure but given the speed of plasma development I
> think there can't be much that this project is still needed for.

Support for old setups? There maybe users of SuperKaramba who are satisfied 
with their old setup and don't want to experiment with new ones based on the 
Plasma applets, be they as better as they are ("Never break^Wchange a running 

> Currently they are just bitrotting and spitting warnings about using
>  K3Process and the like. When Friedrich took over kdeutils he tried to find
>  new maintainers but I can't see that anyone ever stepped up. Maybe it's
>  time to let them rest in peace somewhere else. Any comments on this?

As long as they are not too rotten I think they should stay. Those days I 
would have moved them to unmaintained as well, but I have bought into the 
argument that unless they are doing bad things or are really broken they could 
be useful to some and perhaps even catch the interest of somebody to start 
working on them again. 
And all those programs with a Plasmoid counterpart are still useful for 
workplaces which are not a Plasma one.

For sure there could be a new call for maintainers. KCalc is wanting a new 
maintainer, too.

No really sure what to do with kdessh. That one seems to be even without any 
use currently. Perhaps it really deserves a move to unmaintained/useless. 
Everybody on this list agrees, right? So I will move it to tags/unmaintained/4 
in a few days, after looking for further feedback via a blog entry tonight. 
Should be no harm if it still slips into the Beta 2 tomorrow.

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