Status/Maintainer of kdf

Christoph Feck christoph at
Fri Jun 27 16:11:49 CEST 2008

Am Freitag, 27. Juni 2008 14:02:02 schrieb Nicolas Ternisien:
> [...]
> I don't know if Christoph would like to become the new maintainer of
> Kdf, but in my personal plan, I will plan some time to improve Kdf in

Hi Nicolas,

at the time of writing my original mail, I did not know kdf had a maintainer.
I maybe would have jumped in, if it did not have one, but if it is being 
taking cared of, I keep looking at other small projects to get started :)

> August. (model/view, convert to plasmoid, and use Solid)

A non-plasmoid version, using a separate window, might still be needed, 


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