Thomas Gillespie tomjamesgillespie at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 1 14:33:33 CEST 2008

I meant:
> All functions are still available, even though they would not work. I would
> rather expect them to be greyed out or such and the systray symbol to
> signal
> something like disconnected or unavailable. And I asked if
> Solid::PowerControl has a property "Working" or such, so you could test for
> this state in your code.
> Better explained?

Great thanks, I understand now.

> Ideally you would split the code into a core module with all the actions,
> views/widgets, etc. and some embedding wrappers, one for plasma and one for
> a
> systray program (me being not yet convinced by turning everything into a
> all-in-one-operating-system-process-reimplemeting-the-window-manager
> plasma).
> But do as you like. :) The systray is a broken concept, too.

Well I probably will port it to plasma eventually, but I'm really busy atm,
and I want to do it right, but it should get there eventually :)

Thanks for your help

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