NWI: hollow apps

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 20 22:28:20 CEST 2009

Maciej Pilichowski wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 March 2009 22:59:15 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> Maciej Pilichowski wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 17 March 2009 21:29:53 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>>>> (Especially if the tabs and titlebar blend together,
>>> No true entirely. With tabbar we would like to add "create new
>>> tab" button, just like today with Konq.
>> So? It would be a button on the "title" bar in that instance. I
>> don't see a problem ;-).
> I see several -- keeping informative title, with no real titlebar it 
> is hard to do. Tabbar buttons are mixed with window buttons (close, 
> maximize). When you drop TAI into GAI for example, you would get 
> mini-titlebar which would be quite surprising, why when embedded it 
> has mini-titlebar and when standalone it has none.

This might need more thought, but it's specifically how tabbed is 
presented. This thread seems mostly concluded.

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