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Ellen Reitmayr ellen.reitmayr at relevantive.de
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Hi seele,

i've already answered on OU. We used to have a wiki, but it was deleted
by accident :-| if people actually use it, we could set it up once more
(it's a bit of work to create the toc and contents, that's why i'm
asking for people to use it)

i'll be on vacation tomorrow till tuesday and won't have internet access
there (camping in poland..). But afterwards, i'll try to spend some more
time on the hig and the akademy programme.

The document interface chapter is still missing a lot of contents ->
this quit and close things, and some more chapters on non-document
interfaces such as media applications. there is so much to do and so
little time left!!


seele at obso1337.org wrote:
> Excuse the crosspost if youre active on the OpenUsability board..
> How do people feel about using a wiki for developing the HIG? It will be
> easily accessible and doesnt require knowledge of docbook or XML. More
> work would be needed to convert the final contents in to XML, but making
> the draft more accessible could increase participation and allow peers to
> review changes much sooner.
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