dialogs and label alignment

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Dec 19 01:20:36 CET 2005

hi all...

minor issue and topic to bring up, but one that could have a large impact on 
things.... label alignment. i see it is marked as TODO in the wiki[1] but i 
thought i'd bring it up because i'm already seeing divergence in the kde4 
apps that are being built.

currently our apps do:

Long Label 1: [   control   ]
Label 2:         [   control   ]

another option is:

Long Label 1: [   control   ]
        Label 2: [   control   ]

is there any data on which is better?

personally i lean towards the latter (and i believe macos does as well). the 
downside is that we'd have to go through and do a LOT of changes as every 
single label would need to be altered in this manner. where .ui files exist 
this could be automated. where they don't, it'll likely be manual labour.

so this is not a light decision to be made, i think.

[1] http://test.openusability.org/wiki_ou/index.php/Visual_Design:Text_Layout

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