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Thu Mar 22 17:51:42 UTC 2012

2012/3/22 Martin Klapetek <martin.klapetek at>:
> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 18:41, Daniele E. Domenichelli
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>> On 22/03/12 03:39, Dario Freddi wrote:
>>> This approach has also multiple advantages, such as:
>>>  * We can decide which commit each submodule will point to, so it's
>>> safe ground for testers
>>>  * Or we can allow people to fuck this and just get master of each repo
>>>  * Qt already did the hard job for us and we just have to adapt our
>>> scripts
>>>  * This approach preserves modularity but still allows to group quite
>>> efficiently some/all repos.
>> * If we find out that this approach sucks we can easily go back to the
>> multiple repository approach
>> * If one day some packages will enter in any kde "main" package we just
>> need to import the add the submodule there and remove it from here.
>> Since Dario is supporting me on git submodules I propose an alternative
>> (but I still believe we should talk about this later, perhaps at Akademy):
>> Instead of making several packages, we make a single "kde-telepathy" meta
>> repository (yes kde-telepathy, not ktp :P). Inside we add some
>> subdirectories (libs, handlers, config, utils, whatever, etc.) and inside
>> each subdir we put the real repositories.
> Note that the packages are not the problem but just a result of it. The
> thing we're trying to solve is our repos count, which is high and this does
> not help it, on contrary it makes the complexity higher (depends on point of
> view).
Having a high repo count isn't necessarily a problem.

We should make sure we're tackling actual  problems, (which could be
caused by the high repo count) not solving things which are just

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