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Daniele Elmo Domenichelli daniele.domenichelli at
Wed Jan 4 18:02:35 UTC 2012

> On Jan. 4, 2012, 3:52 p.m., Martin Klapetek wrote:
> > By looking at the screenshot, it's not really clear what is that klineedit and what is it actually for. I quickly scrolled through the code and I saw no click-message either, so I assume that the text will simply appear there (even letter by letter)? I'd like to see some label there. Also the icon looks wrong. I know you said it looks wrong on the right too, but currently it looks just randomly placed, it doesn't align with the horizontal edges/visual guidelines. How about moving the icon on the top right, making it bigger and putting big "Jabber" next to it (maybe bold? though that's generaly bad) and another line below it saying something like "You're about to create a jabber account". Then make the display name part of the form below, but label it with something like "Account name".
> > 
> > And don't forget that we're in freeze right now ;)
> Martin Klapetek wrote:
>     I meant top left, not top right, sorry :)

The lineedit has a "Placeholder Text" that at the moment shows "Displayed Name", so that's what the user will see when he adds a new account, then yes, the text will appear letter by letter. The placeholder also appears if the string is empty. Moreover if the user leaves it empty he will receive an error. When the account is added, whatever the user chose is shown in the main window.

You cannot set the text "You're about to create a jabber account", because the same widget is used both for creating and editing the account

In my opinion it must be clear to the user that the display name does _not_ belong to the form below, since is a personal preference and not a parameter to connect to the account (that's why I used the frame). Moreover, the org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Account interface supports setting the icon property, so in the future we could let the user choose the icon or do something like kopete that lets you choose the colour of the icon, useful to distingush when you have several accounts using the same protocol (i.e. jabber).

Anyway, I'd leave the UI fixing for later (and possibly to someone else, since I really suck at that) and focus this review on the "core" of the display name stuff.

- Daniele Elmo

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On Jan. 4, 2012, 3:39 p.m., Daniele Elmo Domenichelli wrote:
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> (Updated Jan. 4, 2012, 3:39 p.m.)
> Review request for Telepathy.
> Description
> -------
> This patch makes the display name editable and let each plugin generate a "default" display name, based on the parameters set.
> - Default name is used if display name is empty or if it is the previous default name.
> - If the current display name _contains_ the old default display name, only the default part is replaced. For example, if old default name is foo at and the display name is Foo <foo at> when the user changes something and the new default display name is foo at, the new display name becomes Foo <foo at> (This happens realtime while the user is typing)
> - Otherwise the user set display name is just left unchanged.
> Also all the plugins were updated. For accounts without a specific plugin, the display name is set automatically using the "account" parameter if it exists. If it does not exist the user will have to add it manually, but this doesn't seem a big issue to me...
> Branch here:
> (Note: Of course this patch won't be merged until master is re-opened)
> This addresses bug 284930.
> Diffs
> -----
>   plugins/butterfly/main-options-widget.h 3b1f264b043540303d8b1e7df846411f78019de8 
>   plugins/butterfly/main-options-widget.cpp 7e4800717673b6ee7d549bae7afbf3126e0a28d4 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-facebook.h 4653b7304672716a41fa3f3afc3f33fd39daf665 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-facebook.cpp 7e800bef0c6a1bf99bbfea84d3cb411c0ebac280 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-googletalk.h b73df1129648dedb084af2d1f8ee056d06fa6bd4 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-googletalk.cpp ed97bffb0dab256af5ab2a17ad1279094e49092b 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-msn.h 75ccef3324aa07963f3816083133f7cc38f79595 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget-msn.cpp 913a808810b2368850657bc4f76edfa4d7d1f681 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget.h 5443c28414c50945ea169fb585ba08b30d873169 
>   plugins/gabble/main-options-widget.cpp 927bb32f1e29a7e4e7dbed64ed4eb7df56e96014 
>   plugins/haze/aim-main-options-widget.h 2b98548eef266cb1b764a7b6f135d718e8402c1a 
>   plugins/haze/aim-main-options-widget.cpp bc19d9ce83d8da6695551125ef83b96aade3a9cf 
>   plugins/haze/icq-main-options-widget.h 89574e788c159f7a214d3360a6a6f28edd7684d9 
>   plugins/haze/icq-main-options-widget.cpp b6dcbae0d419c732d9803b02410890774a683708 
>   plugins/haze/msn-main-options-widget.h 56ffc3039f92e9d1912bc396ac85de330b5ebf4f 
>   plugins/haze/msn-main-options-widget.cpp 3bab7912896db5fd7d08a5407f4ecf4a615a743a 
>   plugins/haze/myspaceim-main-options-widget.h 554fc5100d46b8730a89f15912dd239a87938932 
>   plugins/haze/myspaceim-main-options-widget.cpp 94e475de6f89d5095bbcc9798b144600042e87cb 
>   plugins/haze/skype-main-options-widget.h 5e7082ce186301762f9931568ed56c7109f828fa 
>   plugins/haze/skype-main-options-widget.cpp 87a3448601b2f338ca9d7361424b7a926c2b14ee 
>   plugins/haze/yahoo-main-options-widget.h 72a3b304152885641e91d7e148c1fc586076a8d2 
>   plugins/haze/yahoo-main-options-widget.cpp a3e4f7cabfbd617f185d48a25ae07aacd69e7a1d 
>   plugins/idle/main-options-widget.h 1f5120f0244fb3d811fd39bd33354d0b049942d6 
>   plugins/idle/main-options-widget.cpp f8aeb4b7bb777cc9b5973271344d1ebaac78aa52 
>   plugins/rakia/rakia-main-options-widget.h bd1291b8318dbc468b005a54315a9365aaf35b0c 
>   plugins/rakia/rakia-main-options-widget.cpp ecb4ee4ef4b23869b3f73077e49a5bd3ed7f035e 
>   plugins/salut/salut-main-options-widget.h ab51e1901340ab8630ba19e50b49c77eeb5ecd2d 
>   plugins/salut/salut-main-options-widget.cpp 64b41674482c25b77f0ae289213db827dc820323 
>   plugins/sunshine/sunshine-main-options-widget.h fbb6dca508d9bf7b313c4b14dcd1c2097cc772d5 
>   plugins/sunshine/sunshine-main-options-widget.cpp 21a74b76444416072291a929f5f3e10e63577793 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/abstract-account-parameters-widget.h 0c6cd95db610b7cebebe3e06ca15b446fd7d024d 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/abstract-account-parameters-widget.cpp b61e836b77809819a0f6f24f9b9b1bfe2a3af6a6 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/account-edit-widget.h 5db8119dfae2a31e51fca60daf40b6b083359f6f 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/account-edit-widget.cpp 312a4c913394c39e1b131994fbc0a8d02b84d5df 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/account-edit-widget.ui 0ffd782fce025d430decd0b71dba36e5cf7422f0 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-widget.h 0e92bb7df35870778b339fb83e2ddb232e9abb6f 
>   src/KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-widget.cpp fc666c5c760ae31672fbefc332217ff68a7cd633 
>   src/add-account-assistant.cpp 3f189b440ddf26af4092af6ac11e247838087254 
>   src/edit-account-dialog.cpp 37cb28faacbf63160eaa116924d015d5e59ed1ee 
>   src/salut-details-dialog.h 804d61b903bdf8c0946b1960aedac5b63b5b1b97 
>   src/salut-details-dialog.cpp f95826dcaa7b1fda96a695bd5f23ba9a3d4ffa63 
>   src/salut-enabler.h 7d4d640d19509024b9da269cb061ba43d2896dd9 
>   src/salut-enabler.cpp 8cb1e03c9bb41df9f579ab15a319959b61a70e46 
> Diff:
> Testing
> -------
> Created an account and modified the display name.
> Edited an account and modified the display name.
> Created salut account and edited using the dialog.
> Edited salut account.
> Tested most of the plugins.
> More random tests.
> Screenshots
> -----------
> Editable display name
> Thanks,
> Daniele Elmo Domenichelli

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