Chat Widget Plasmoid

Lasath Fernando kde at
Wed Nov 30 11:59:19 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been 'off the grid' lately - Skyrim was waayyyyyyy more
addictive than I anticipated. But nonetheless, I have resumed working
on the chat plasmoid I promised. The back end is slowly starting to
get in shape and it might be done soon :)

The UI however, has hit a dead end. During woshibon, we decided to
make each conversation a popout plasmoid so that it'll mimic
facebook/google talk. But Dario explained that it was pretty much
impossible with libplasma as it is, and I don't think I'm in a
position to hack on that.

So, we need to have another brainstorming session to work a new UI
that's doable (because I'm pretty much out of ideas). It may be more
difficult over IRC due to lack of face-to-face Cambridge though. We
might be able to do this over a Google Hangout if some old-timers
*cough cough* would get Google+ already ;-)

I'll keep working on the back end for now, until we figure out where
to go from here.

Lasath Fernando

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