[kde-solaris] KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11

Michael Schuster Michael.Schuster at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 13 21:53:58 CET 2009

On 02/05/09 08:26, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> There are KDE 4.1.4 IPS packages for OSOL 2008.11 32-bit available now. 
> They're hosted on real hardware, not a dodgy VirtualBox, so you should be able 
> to get them this time instead of timing out at each attempt. It *is* my home 
> DSL, though, so downloads will not be fast.
> In theory, you can do
> T=bionicmutton
> pkg set-authority -O http://pkg.$T.org:10000/ $T
> pkg refresh $T
> pkg install KDEgdm-integration
> and get a KDE 4.1.4 desktop available upon login.

I managed a successful installation on another test box I have sitting 
around here (a U20, running b106); I have a few issues esp around 
performance which I may have reported previously, but I don't think they're 

question: is it possible that configuration and installation turds from 
previous attempts at running KDE can cause some of the grief I've been 
seeing (esp. on my laptop)? If so, I'd welcome input as to which files you 
believe I need to (re)move to clean the slate ...

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