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John Sonnenschein johnsonnenschein at gmail.com
Tue May 13 20:13:08 CEST 2008

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:04 AM, Kunal Deo <Kunal.Deo at sun.com> wrote:
> I understand the ABI importance. Thats is something generic. What I'm
>  trying to say is GCC's ABI is not that bad. Even if it not very
>  consistent among the releases it is widely used to build some of the
>  world greatest and biggest software.

It is not a matter of quality ( in fact many ABI decisions are
arbitrary). It is precisely a matter of consistency. I'm not sure when
the last time Sun broke their ABI, but I believe it was sometime in
the range of the late 1980's or early 1990's. The last time GCC made
incompatible changes in their ABI was a couple years ago.

I for one would like to know that I can continue to link to my KDELibs
for the forseeable future, and more importantly, so would ARC...
without whom the project stands no chance of becoming a well
integrated part of the system and is then relegated to the periphery
of "unsupported, unstable, possibly broken" community software

>  This a community mailing list (for a Open Source project.), Things
>  should go in a Logical manner. Not just putting end to end to every
>  story. If you put end to all of it what is left for discussion.

This KDE project was instantiated under the assumptions "studio,
kde4". If you are happy with a GCC compiled version, Blastwave has it.
This is not the project for it.

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