[kde-solaris] Gentle Question

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 16:00:38 CEST 2008

Again, the problem is choice.

1. Is GCCFSS 4.3.0 available?? For x86/amd64??
Maintained and supported??!
2. Can "GCC 4.3.0" compile the Nevada "ON" b88
3. Can "GCCFSS" compile the Nevada "ON" b88 kernel??

Seems we are mixing up "GCC" versus "GCCFSS" so other
people are chiming in without considering that GCC is
not GCCFSS. Also, compiler cross platform porting
technical benefits and merits on BOTH the x86/amd64
and SPARC platforms.

Then, focus the subject on today's needs of porting
KDE 4.0.4/4.1 to Solaris - not KDE 3.5.9. Also, the
debugging C++ tools available on Solaris/OpenSolaris
that can help developers port and debug KDE 4.x
sources on the supported Sun platforms.

We all know KDE 3.x compiles with GCC. What we should
talk about is the technical benefits, merits, and
disadvantages of compiling AND debugging KDE 4.0.4/4.1
with GCCFSS or Sun Studio 12 (or even Sun Studio
Express 05/08).

~ Ken Mays


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