[kde-solaris] Linkage errors in kdebase with xrender

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at kde.org
Tue Apr 29 16:25:48 CEST 2008

On Saturday 26 April 2008 15:46:43 Allen Winter wrote:
> On Friday 25 April 2008 17:19:34 Shai Berger wrote:
> > This is my first message here. I'm an experienced C++ programmer, have
> > been using Debian (sid) and KDE at home for several years now, and
> > finally I'm starting to get into KDE development. My main interests are
> > kdepim (as a devout user) and BiDi issues (as a Hebrew user).
> Thanks Shai,
> Committed... but...
> we have a problem in dolphin (dolphin/src/ktooltip.cpp) and plasma
> (plasma/plasma/plasmaapp.cpp) because both of those unconditionally
> assume XRender for any system with X11.  
> We need the authors of the relevant code to provide #if (HAVE_XRENDER)
> conditional compiles to handle the situation where the XRender stuff
> isn't available.

Apparently this is also a runtime problem. I've seen the Oxygen style and 
Plasma look funny on a SUNray box, where apparently XRender is not available 
but (tried to be) used, resulting in LSD-like coloring of lots of widgets. 
Not that it doesn't look cool, but it does not a match with the artistic 
vision either. :-)

CC:ing kde-solaris.

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