[kde-solaris] Minimalistic SPARC KDE 3.5.7 tarball available

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Tue Apr 1 00:27:47 CEST 2008

I've just finished using konstruct [1] to build a very minimal KDE 3.5.7 on my 
U45 (SPARC). The resulting tarball of 95MB is on BionicMutton [4] for the 
time being. It contains kdelibs, kdebase, kdesdk plus their dependencies -- 
bdb, qt, ... . I have tested this insofar as "PATH=$HOME/kde3.5.7/bin:$PATH ; 
pkill dtwm ; startkde" actually starts a KDE 3.5.7 session where I can run a 
konsole. KBabel runs over ssh -X, so that should be fine locally as well.

In all cases where I ran into annoying dependencies, I have simply removed 
them. kdepim is somehow a dependency for sdk -- bugger that for a lark.

Fairly minimal changes were needed to konstruct itself. Patch [2] and BDB GAR 
[3] are also available. In some cases the compile failed and I had to cd in 
to fix things -- #include <errno.h> was missing somewhere, for instance. BDB 
needs an extra cd build_unix before make that I can't finagle into GAR. There 
might have been some linking or compile problems in KDE code which I don't 
remember. Generally if a directory is problematic, remove it from the 
Makefile one level above (or run make -k once, for pod2man issues in kdesdk).  
Ah, BDB in particular needed some fiddling in order to link to libnsl -- 
libtool was conveniently eating that library.

For the rest, the usual Will Robinson disclaimer applies.


[1] svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/KDE/3.5/konstruct
[2] http://www.bionicmutton.org/solaris/tmp/konstruct.diff
[3] http://www.bionicmutton.org/solaris/tmp/konstruct-bdb.tar.gz
[4] http://www.bionicmutton.org/solaris/tmp/kde3.5.7.tar.gz

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