[kde-solaris] isinf problem (and others)

Mats Rojestal mats.rojestal at bredband.net
Wed Sep 12 21:51:24 CEST 2007


The problem with the -mt flags comes from packages witch are compiled with
sun compiler  and configure searches in the packages path for example in 
/usr/lib/pkgconfig this two files includes -mt flag.
Fix is that you could install your own gcc compiled version from src or 
preecompiled packages from sunfreeware and put this path first in your 
environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
If the included lib is a pure c lib you could edit the *.pc file and remove -mt 

Hope that helps.

Regards Mats Röjestål

James Tappin skrev:
> I'm trying to build 3.5.7 on a sparc box with:
> solaris 10
> gcc/g++ 4.1.1
> I'm configuring with
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kde ...
> where the ... is the directories for things that arent found, python, ssl etc 
> (mostly they are in /usr/sfw)
> Unfortunately the configure tests for kdelibs & kdeutils find the isinf 
> function, but when the routines that use it try to find it they fail and 
> complain that isinf is not defined in this scope. While it is possible to 
> work around these with a bit of fiddling, I can't see why the test can find 
> it and not the actual compilations, does anyone know of any obvious gotcha 
> that can cause this.
> Also a major pain is the configure for arts which adds an invalid -mt flag to 
> all C compiles -- the only fix I could find was to manually edit it out of 
> all 17 Makefiles.
> James Tappin
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