[kde-solaris] isinf problem (and others)

James Tappin jtappin at nso.edu
Tue Sep 11 19:23:44 CEST 2007

I'm trying to build 3.5.7 on a sparc box with:
solaris 10
gcc/g++ 4.1.1

I'm configuring with
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kde ...
where the ... is the directories for things that arent found, python, ssl etc 
(mostly they are in /usr/sfw)

Unfortunately the configure tests for kdelibs & kdeutils find the isinf 
function, but when the routines that use it try to find it they fail and 
complain that isinf is not defined in this scope. While it is possible to 
work around these with a bit of fiddling, I can't see why the test can find 
it and not the actual compilations, does anyone know of any obvious gotcha 
that can cause this.

Also a major pain is the configure for arts which adds an invalid -mt flag to 
all C compiles -- the only fix I could find was to manually edit it out of 
all 17 Makefiles.

James Tappin

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