[kde-solaris] KDE 3.5.6 successfully compilation

Michael Lindig lindig at eas.iis.fhg.de
Mon Mar 5 06:33:47 CET 2007


I have successfully compiled KDE 3.5.6 for Solaris 10. I wrapped the source
compilation of KDE by some scripts for automatically builds. If anybody is
interested in this scripts then it can be downloaded at:


The documentation is not fully ready at this time but the package includes the
KDE-3.5.6-Solaris10 scenario for my successfully build.

 simple call run-usr-local-64.sh

script to execute the compilation. The installed tools and KDE itself will be
compiled with included library-search path so that no LD_LIBRARY(_64) settings
are needed.

If you have problems contact me.


Ps: The compilation takes some time!

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