[kde-solaris] Qt 4.3 on SXDE!

Mats Rojestal mats.rojestal at bredband.net
Mon Jun 25 00:04:01 CEST 2007

Hi Manish,

You can use gcc if the code you are compiling is only c and your libs are
only c librarys.
As qt is a c++ library and you compiled it with Sun Studio 12 compiler
you cant use gnu g++ compiled kode and link it to Sun Studio compiled libs.

Regards Mats Röjestål

Manish Chakravarty skrev:
> Hi everyone,
> I was able to compile qt 4.3 on my SXDE box at.
> For those who are interested (or those who are into qt programming, but
> are solaris newbies like me , read on  :-)  )
> 1) Install the JDS CBE (Java Desktop System Common Build Enviroment)
> JDS CBE is small, it's installation is easy.
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/jds/contributing/building/;jsessionid=E77AD0746A96B028467460AAC38E8A93#jds-cbe
> 2) Get qt 4.3 and SunStudio 12
> 3) Source /opt/jdsbld/env.sh
> 4) a simple ./configure , make , make install is all you need to do!
> One question: now that i have compiled qt with suncc (ss12) , can i use
> gcc to compile applications that link to the sun-cc compiled qt?
> I ask this cause this would greatly simplify going after KDE4 dependencies
> Thanks
> Manish
> PS: I'll start going after KDE4 dependencies now.
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