[kde-solaris] KDE for SXD

Manish Chakravarty manishchaks at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 16:20:13 CEST 2007

Hi Nilesh,

If you want to install KDE, you do it through blastwave (gcc built)
Another option would to be follow the instructions at
http://solaris.kde.org/instructions.php and use KDE 3.4.3/ SunStudio,
made by Stefan Teleman.

CC-ing BOSUG to this mail. They may be able to guide you better on this.

Moinak, if you could share the KDE recipe that you used for BeleniX, it
would be great :)

Manish Chakravarty

Nilesh Parmar wrote:
> Hi,
>    Is there a port for KDE on Solaris Developer Express ? I have recently
> installed Solaris Developer Express on my  laptop and was wondering if I
> could install KDE on it.
> I have previously installed KDE on Solaris 10 on my Sunblade desktop.
> However, I'm not a very technical person, just followed the
> instructions on
> the kde site and somehow got it working.
> Here is what I get when I do a uname -a on the command prompt, to give
> you
> an idea of what version of the OS I'm using:
> #uname -a
> SunOS  5.11 snv_64a i86pc i386 i86pc
> Thanks,
> Nilesh
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