[kde-solaris] KDE4 Solaris packaging tools and standards [draft]

Karol Szwed kszwed at kde.org
Sat Jun 9 11:14:50 CEST 2007

Hi Michael,

Initial plan is to set the package RPATH so that each binary is hard-wired
to link against our libraries (using the install dirs below). This avoids
the need to use crle or similar to expand the Default ELF Library Path to
include "/${ALT_ROOT}/${QT_PATH}/lib:/${ALT_ROOT}/${KDE_PATH}/lib:...".

If we rely on the default library path then we have the potential to
affect other applications if we "hide" some of their libraries with ours,
or vice versa (depending on the library path order). I would still want to
ensure that JDS continues to work after installation of KDE.

I had a look at the JDS binaries and found that some (but not all) have
been created with a pre-defined RPATH. For example:
  ~> elfdump /usr/bin/gdmchooser | grep RPATH
        [29]  RPATH            0x1fe9            /usr/openwin/lib
  ~> elfdump /usr/bin/gnome-terminal | grep RPATH
        [47]  RPATH            0x5b58           

For the initial release, i thought its best to keep it simple and
self-contained, get packages out there, then start adding more flexibility
in future.


> Karol Szwed wrote:
>> Install Paths:
>> --------------
>> * /opt/studio12 - Sun Studio 12 compiler suite
>> * /opt/foss - Free and Open Source Software dependencies such as libpng,
>> cups etc.
>> * /opt/qt4  - Qt4 installation root
>> * /opt/kde4 - KDE4 installation root
> is there a plan to support
> a) alt. root during installation
> b) other installation paths?
> Michael
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> Michael Schuster
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