[kde-solaris] Building from 3.5.7

Manish Chakravarty manishchaks at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 14:25:09 CEST 2007

there was a guy on-line on this list (Manish Chakravarty?) who was
> enthusiastic on building the 3.5.7 KDE for Solaris x86. Maybe, you should 
> contact Manish for details and bundle your efforts. Maybe, Manish can report 
> about his progress on this list?
Heiko, That guy is still there :)
I am concentrating on building  KDE on SXDE 05/07
I got Qt and a few other libs working.

I shall report back as soon as i complete the task.

I am also looking to publish the "recipes" in the spec-files-extra
repository. http://pkgbuild.sourceforge.net/spec-files-extra/ so that
other people can easily build it via pkgbuild.

S10 is a difficult platform for me to build right now , cause i am a
newbie to Solaris, but not to KDE :)

Maybe after I am done with SXDE stuff, i'll work on Solaris 10 11/06

Till then, I will bother this mailing list with doubts :)

Dirk, I will delighted if we could pool our efforts!

If we can sync up, we can prevent duplication of efforts and solve the
problem faster !

Manish Chakravarty

PS: It'd be great if work on SXDE, but I guess even if you work on S10,
we can cooperate.

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