[kde-solaris] Could someone pleae share the KDE 3.5.7 build recipe?

Heiko Falk Heiko.Falk at udo.edu
Wed Jul 4 22:28:55 CEST 2007

Am Wednesday 04 July 2007 19:13 schrieb Stephen Fitch:
> +1...
>  A build of 357 on x86 would be great! ... I'd like to try, but a
> recipe would help.

Dear all,

please check out  ftp://ls12-ftp.cs.uni-dortmund.de/outgoing/KDE/3.5.7
There, you'll find the source codes of the 357 KDE built by Michael Lindig, 
plus a configuration file kdesvn-buildrc. Additionally, there is a README.SRC 
provided my Michael briefly explaining his build environment.

Please note that ls12-ftp only contains the source codes of KDE - there are no 
source codes of 3rd pary software / libraries that KDE depends on.




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