[kde-solaris] Problem with KDE on Solaris

Narendra Kumar S.S ssnkumar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 11:52:06 CEST 2007


    I am trying to get KDE work on my Solaris box.
    I have AMD-64 with Solaris Nevada-66 installed.

    I followed the instructions given in solaris-kde.org to install all the
related packages.
    And also executed mkdtlogin to enable KDE in the login screen.
    But, when I logout and goto the login screen, I am not seeing the name
of KDE in the list of sessions.
    I did a reboot also. Still I am not able to see the KDE session.
    I changed to gdmand changed back to cde login.
    None of this solved my problem.
     I checked my 'ps -ef' on this system and made sure that dtlogin is
running as a daemon.

    Can somebody point me to, what I am doing wrong or what I am missing

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