[kde-solaris] KDE under Sun RAY

Darin Perusich Darin.Perusich at cognigencorp.com
Tue Feb 13 15:44:19 CET 2007

Hi Roland,

Roland Kaeser wrote:
> While preparing the new environment on the test area, we got several 
> questions about kde on solaris for we couldn't find a working solution 
> on google etc.
> I would like to just list our current problem in the hope somebody here 
> can give us short hints about a solution.

I've been running KDE 3.3.1 from blastwave.org on our SunRay 
implementation for many years without any problems.

> First: How can we integrate the utx-lock and the SUN-Ray mobile sessions 
> into the kde environment? It works on JDS. But we couldn't get it 
> working on KDE after reading all avialable docs and mailing list entries 
> for that problem.

I've disabled utxlock and am using KDE locking screen savers to lock the 
screen. I'm using KDE's kiosks controls so users can not disabled screen 

> Second: We have some problems getting the "normal" konsole behaviour 
> working on the KDE konsole. Specially the CTRL+C key and colors in ls 
> lists seems not to work correct.

I don't have these problems.

> Third: Is there a good documentation for predefining kde user settings 
> for our productive environment such as the kde menu, file associations, 
> screensaver behaviour (utxlock), disabling special features such as 
> transparency. We tried already the kiosk-tool but it seems that this was 
> optimized for linux so it doesn't lets us define the profiles correctly 
> and often crashes.

I ran into this problems myself so all I did was create the kiosk 
profiles on a SuSE Linux system and modified the /etc/kderc accordingly 
on the Solaris servers to put the various profile files onto an nfs 
server. It was painless.

> Fourth: Just nice to have. Does somebody know how to activate the icon 
> smoothing? Currently the icons looks a bit pixeling.

Our icons look fine.

I've found that you should turn off any background images by default or 
you may run into refresh issues. Also disable the use of flashy or fancy 
screen savers and force the use of just the blank screen. When you only 
have the blank screen the password dialog will pop right up, with 
fancy/flashy screen savers it can take up to a minute to get the 
password box.

Have you signed up for the SunRay-Users mailing list? If not head over 
to http://www.filibeto.org/mailman/listinfo/sunray-users.

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