[kde-solaris] [kde-discuss] Request: IRC session in January

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Dec 23 16:44:20 CET 2007

Hi Lukas,

On Sunday 23 December 2007 15:36:48 Lukas Oboril wrote:
> I feel that we need IRC session first or second week in January to
> reach an agreement or make a plan for package KDE support tools.

Not just the tools -- that's KBE, right -- but also the other dependencies of 

> think that most of them are prepared successfully for build in svn at
> cvsdude. Main topic for discussion is _packaging_.  Package format
> will be SVR4 of course. We need tune up many parameters and details
> for this packaging process (cflags, cxxflags, source url and so on
> ...).


- flags and optimization
- storage for source tarballs
	- use originals?
	- if not, where to host stuff?

I'm OK for most of the beginning of january until the 14th.


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