[kde-solaris] Hardware update

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Fri Aug 24 16:58:37 CEST 2007

The KDE-Solaris project continues to move forward; our contacts with Sun 
Netherlands and their Open Source team in particular are making it possible 
to do more focused work on KDE-Solaris.

Yesterday I visited Sun NL to pick up some hardware. We (as the KDE-Solaris 
team) now have a U45 (SPARC) which is sitting under my desk at home. Once the 
system is set up properly and we have the kinks ironed out (like needing next 
month's compiler) I will try to make it accessible to those KDE-Solaris 
people that particularly want to use a SPARC box. It will be churning out 
packages once we come to that point; before then we will have tarballs to 
deal with. So this is a big step forward: we have enough support from Sun to 
get hardware.

*Also* at Sun NL is an X4600. Yes, for the KDE-Solaris team. It will stay in 
their Open Source lab and churn out whatever we ask it to. That means again, 
builds, packages, etc. Whatever we can throw at it, also in terms of testing, 
unit tests, Krazy checks, etc. What that machine doesn't really have is 
bandwidth to serve as a remote desktop. That means that runtime testing will 
have to happen on everyone's local server, but I don't think that's such a 
big problem.

In a sense we're now "set". We've got hardware available which is maintained 
by Sun NL, we've got the computational resources to go quite crazy with KDE 
builds. The SPARC machine will be kept warm this evening working on KDE 
dependencies (we have a new list coming up). The X4600 needs to be 
(re)installed, and I've given the local sysadmin two DVDs full of source code 
(including my KDE SVN checkout) to unpack on it. Once it's on there we can 
start churning away on the dependency packages and on building KDE from SVN 
again. I'll drop a note to the list when it's ready, so people can send in 
SSH pubkeys to get accounts.


Adriaan de Groot
  KDE Quality Team   http://www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org/
  SQO-OSS Researcher http://www.sqo-oss.eu/

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