[kde-solaris] Directory layout, target platforms

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Mon Aug 20 00:01:00 CEST 2007

As a bit of a reminder of what we're working towards:

/opt/kdesupport will contain all the dependencies of KDE
	(pcre, libungif, ..., even Strigi)
/opt/qt-4.3 will contain Qt4.3 (or whatever is used at KDE4 release time)
/opt/kde-4.0 will contain KDE 4.0

This means that the stuff I'm building right now has the wrong rpaths, but it 
is not a big issue; I can always rebuild. I believe this layout was pretty 
much settled a few months back (am open to corrections).

Target platform remains SXDE, nv_64 or later, both SPARC and amd64.

Target compiler is SS12. The current version has a bug with sizeof() applied 
to template parameters, this is fixed in an upcoming release. I suggest we 
use that upcoming release as soon as it is available.

Target STL .. gee, who knew there were multiple STL implementations available 
by default? (Bear with me, I'm a BSD guy). I found 
http://developers.sun.com/sunstudio/articles/cmp_stlport_libCstd.html which 
recommends libstlport for setups where binary compatibility with existing 
libraries is not needed -- and I think we satisfy that. The stlport library 
also avoids a few compile errors that I'm working around, so I think we 
should add -library=stlport4 to the standard C++ flags for KDE on Solaris.

These are your friends - Adem
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