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very thanks
but how i get it?

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> Hi.
> Well, the cat is out of the bag, so i might as well own up to it: i
> very recently started working for Sun Microsystems. I am very happy
> about that, since I can now focus on doing what I love doing, which is
> software and systems.
> I will be working on Solaris' F/OSS software packages, for both the
> SFW and the Companion CD consolidations, and not only on KDE, but also
> on KDE's dependencies and required libraries. This means many other
> libraries and packages, many of which are shared with JDS/GNOME.
> This means that, KDE 3.5.5 will be on the Solaris Companion CD, along
> with its dependencies and requirements. It also means that, in a
> definite and foreseeable future, you will no longer have to deal with
> the hideous packaging of /opt/fsw4sun. :-) And KDE e.V will no longer
> have to host that thing on their servers' hard drives.
> So, KDE Solaris is alive and well, and now even at Sun!
> --Stefan
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> Stefan Teleman
> stefan.teleman at gmail.com

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