[kde-solaris] KDE Solaris: status update

Sergio Serge.Coche at free.fr
Tue Nov 14 19:40:25 CET 2006

Darin Perusich a écrit :

>have you submitted a bug report to the fltk blastwave maintainer about
>this? you can do so at http://www.blastwave.org/mantis. being a
>blastwave maintainer and user i can't stress the point of submitting bug
>reports when there are issues with the packages :)
Effectively, something is probably wrong in the CSWfltk package (august 
2006) : building Aqsis with gcc (with sunstudio i can build a good part, 
but not all), i got cc-related optimization parameters in the Makefiles 
(strange...) and, after corrections, Aqsis was builded but crashed at 
the use. I needed an entire month to understand that the issue came from 
CSWfltk : i tried with SFWfltk, and allright.

I doesn't complained about that to the maintener, and for three reasons :

1) With CSWfltk, no problem, and i suppose that all people witch have 
encourred the same issue will also take a look in the Companion CD ;

2) In the particular case of Aqsis, if someone has the problem, it will 
normally (like I) ask the Aqsis forum, and i'll see that and answer (i 
look frequently at this site). Also, we are actually not a lot of people 
working on 3D projects under Solaris (unfortunately, and i hope that 
will change...) ;

3) I suppose that the next CSWfltk package will be good and that was 
only a temporary issue. Also, i asked several mainteners about others 
questions, and all Solaris mainteners can't work only for me :-D . And 
last : i'm not sure that the CSWfltk package was entirely wrong : i saw 
only an incompatibility with an Aqsis version. Maybe a part of the 
problem was also Aqsis-related ? The team helped me a lot, but i found 
the cause of the issue myself (fltk) ; using successfully SFWfltk, i 
don't needed to compile fltk from source.



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