[kde-solaris] KDE Solaris: status update

Lars. Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Mon Nov 13 23:03:14 CET 2006

Stefan Teleman wrote:
> KDE, and its dependencies will be available as both 32- and 64- bit,
> for both IA32/AMD64 and UltraSPARC V8PLUSA/V9A. Up until now, it was
> only 32-bit. It takes a while to get these things working properly,
> especially in 64-bit.
Stefan ,

  Why do we need  64 bit  KDE  on Solaris  ? 
Does  any of the Desktop stuff need  more than 4 GB virtual memory  in 
KDE 3.5 ?
Does the 16 extra  registers in opteron 64 bit mode make that big 
that its worth doing this transition now ?


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