[kde-solaris] Some KDE 3.4.3 for Open Solaris questions/comments

Lebar, Russell J Russell.J.LeBar at erac.com
Thu Mar 23 19:47:54 CET 2006


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> From: Stefan Teleman [mailto:steleman at nyc.rr.com] 

> You can install the dtlogin scripts either in /usr/dt or in 
> /etc/dt, depending on what you pass to mkdtlogin. 

Thanks, I'm aware of that. I originally installed to /var/tmp/deleteme
to see what it did! :-)

> I know about the sacredness of /usr/dt (if someone would 
> actually explain to me why /usr/dt is so sacred that it can't 
> be touched, i would feel very elightened), 

Some reasons come to mind:

1. If you leave /usr/dt alone then you always have something you can
fall back on if things get hosed up (i.e. jut rename /etc/dt).

2. Changes under /usr/dt are not supported by SUN. That means that
upgrades and patches can blow them away with impunity.

3. It's considered a Best Practice. Yeah, on a single-user desktop you
probably don't care. But e.g. for me on our 50=75 user Sun Ray/Citrix
servers following best practices is much more important. 

Not sure how enlightened this makes you feel though! :-)

> but i also know that some don't really enjoy dealing with 
> the pain of making /etc/dt work. :-)

What pain? /usr/dt is still evaluated so you only need to put new stuff
in /etc/dt. Since when was typing a couple mkdirs painful?? It can't be
worse than the KDE i18n stuff!!! :-)

> I can build kdiff3 and make a patch for it. And i'm also 
> working on building KOffice. 

That would be immensely useful! For developers and comparing changes to
config files it's an invaluable tool. Why it hasn't replaced the
practically useless kompare yet is beyond me....

> Getting KOffice to compile and 
> work with Sun Studio is just about as easy as getting the 
> rest of KDE to compile and work with Sun Studio. ;-)

I was thinking it would actually be harder!

Thanks for the reply and all the hard work!!

-- Russ

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