[kde-solaris] SunStudio patches

Stefan Teleman steleman at nyc.rr.com
Mon Mar 6 15:18:28 CET 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 07:40, segv at netctl.net wrote:
> Hi, I'm building kde-3.5.1 on Solaris with SunStudio 11 and getting
> compiler errors, etc. There are SunStudio patches at:
> ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.4.3/contrib/Solaris/SUNSTUDIO10/
> Have those patches been pulled up to kde-3.5.1 branch or do I need
> to apply them to build kde with SunStudio?

you have to apply them manually to 3.5.1.


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